SOS Investment Donations

August 14, 2017 in SOS News

A New Means of Giving to SOS

At the prompting of certain businessmen, SOS has opened a non-profit acct. with Fidelity Investments in an effort to be able to receive, buy, sell, etc. stock or any other kind of investments that could be donated to the ministry for helping in our critical need right now. Please let us know if you are able to or know anyone who would be interested in giving through this venue. May the Lord cause the increase.

Here are some of our current funding needs:

• Water well for region with 150+ new believers in Togo
• Complete Hope Center facility in Nigeria for continued missions work in that country
• Complete Hope Center facility in dangerous region in El Salvador to provide a sports complex, job training, and the gospel to many poor families.
• Purchase vehicle for Africa and Latin missions so the work can continue