S.O.S. in the Media

With the Duggars

For the past seven years, we have had the privilege and opportunity to serve the Lord alongside the Duggar Family, preaching the gospel to the lost and helping the poor. As a result of this friendship, S.O.S has been featured on several episodes of “19 Kids and Counting.” Stay tuned for more media and news.

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In International News

El Salvador Article on Schadt Family (Spanish) – The Schadt family’s adoption featured on a national newspaper.

Christmas in La Esperanza (Spanish) – Article on our annual Christmas Program

Nigerian Magazine Article I – The first article written about S.O.S. Ministries’ work in Nigeria

Nigerian Magazine Article II – A second article detailing more about our mission and work in Nigeria

Latest News:

Duggar Family Trip

S.O.S. Ministries is being featured again with the Duggar Family on 19 Kids and Counting. The relationship between SOS and the Duggar Family with Discovery Channel continues in an exciting two part saga which brings much attention to the Lord’s work in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Check your local listing for the next airing of the shows.
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