Benin Update – Sorcerer Comes to Christ

November 20, 2013 in Africa, Benin, SOS News

Sorcerer Comes to FaithThe sorcerer who formerly worshiped the serpent repented and came to Christ, renouncing all his former beliefs. This man was a leader in the local voodoo religion, offering sacrifices twelve times a day to the serpent, and using the women of the village for divination – a tool of Satan, yet God rescued him!

He gathered his family to announce his conversion, and asked us to build a hope center on his property so that those in the surrounding villages could come hear about Jesus. Rejoice with us! Our God is mighty to save. This good news comes on the tail of another twelve baptisms in Benin, and the news that the church in a neighboring village has grown to fifty attendees. Praise God for the wonderful things He is doing! All of this has happened in the span of a single year, so imagine what great things the Lord has in store for the coming years.

There will certainly be repercussions from the sorcerer’s conversion, and since he began listening to us, this man began receiving threats from the local witches and warlocks. Pray for his protection and for the continued growth of the church in Benin.