Benin Update – Sorcerer Comes to Christ

November 20, 2013 in Africa, Benin, SOS News

Sorcerer Comes to FaithThe sorcerer who formerly worshiped the serpent repented and came to Christ, renouncing all his former beliefs. This man was a leader in the local voodoo religion, offering sacrifices twelve times a day to the serpent, and using the women of the village for divination – a tool of Satan, yet God rescued him!

He gathered his family to announce his conversion, and asked us to build a hope center on his property so that those in the surrounding villages could come hear about Jesus. Rejoice with us! Our God is mighty to save. This good news comes on the tail of another twelve baptisms in Benin, and the news that the church in a neighboring village has grown to fifty attendees. Praise God for the wonderful things He is doing! All of this has happened in the span of a single year, so imagine what great things the Lord has in store for the coming years.

There will certainly be repercussions from the sorcerer’s conversion, and since he began listening to us, this man began receiving threats from the local witches and warlocks. Pray for his protection and for the continued growth of the church in Benin.

Welcome to S.O.S.’s Newest Frontier Mission: Benin

February 15, 2013 in Africa, Benin, SOS News

Spiritual and Physical Oppression

  • Benin is the birthplace of Voodoo, a 6000 year old religion
  • Human sacrifice has been practiced publically as recently as the 1990s
  • Altars with fresh animal sacrifices on them are scattered everywhere throughout the villages
  • In one of the villages, the nearest water source is a three mile walk one way

Leaving the Throne- The chief of a local village, a new convert to Christ now wants to leave behind his chiefdom to join us in proclaiming the gospel. Please pray that God will give him the wisdom and boldness to do so.

The Hand on the Wall- As we were leaning against a wall in a village, a young man named Barta ran up and started yelling at us frantically, telling us that anyone who touched the wall would bleed. But after looking at us, he exclaimed, “You’re not bleeding!”

So I asked him, “Who has more power? The creation or the creator?” At that moment, I stretched out my hand, looking directly at Barta and placed it back on the wall of the evil hut, and held it there as Barta once again got anxious. After a couple of minutes, I took my hand off the wall and asked, “Barta, am I bleeding?”

To this he cried out, “No.  You must be a god.”  Immediately seizing the opportunity I cried out, “No, I am not a god, but greater is God who is in me than the evil that dwells in this hut (1 John 4:4).  Put your trust in Him and not the creation, His name is Jesus Christ.”

Barta then exclaimed, “I want to know this Jesus Christ.” Please pray for him, as he is currently being mentored in the faith.

The Sorcerer- There is a sorcerer, whose name ironically means, “Things Will Get Better” in a village where things are getting much much worse. The children are sickly, the people are miserable, and the sorcerer himself is clearly not a man who is at peace. He is leading his people in the worship of the serpent, especially the women.

Over the course of two trips and a lengthy dialog, we have proclaimed Christ to him and his village, and he is now considering the cost of leaving his old ways of worship to follow Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will lead him to repentance.

Nigerian Frontier Mission

November 28, 2009 in Africa, Nigeria, SOS News


– Nigeria has over 155 million people, half the population of the U.S.
– It is the most populated country in Africa and the 8th largest population in the world
– The average income per family is $330 a year (that’s only $28 a month!)
– There are 470 spoken languages, with about 75% able to speak English

Introduction to Nigeria: 
The Lord called us to Nigeria as a result of ministering to an international student family, Fola and Bola Oni 5 years ago at an S.O.S. campus lunch for international students.

As a result of ministering the Gospel to them, God gave them a heart to bring the Gospel to their homeland, inviting S.O.S. to work alongside them in planting churches in unreached areas near their hometown.

S.O.S is now reaching the poor and needy with the Gospel of Christ, as well as ministering to their physical needs in three areas where God has opened the door:

Makoko, the water village – An extremly large village, 200,000 people that live in deplorable conditions on the shore of a lake.

Ogun State Countryside – Rural villages with no running water, no electricity, and most importantly, no evangelical church or witness.

Orphans and Widows – There are hundreds of widows and orphans who have lost their husbands and fathers in religious conflicts throughout the country.