Nigerian Frontier Mission

November 28, 2009 in Africa, Nigeria, SOS News


– Nigeria has over 155 million people, half the population of the U.S.
– It is the most populated country in Africa and the 8th largest population in the world
– The average income per family is $330 a year (that’s only $28 a month!)
– There are 470 spoken languages, with about 75% able to speak English

Introduction to Nigeria: 
The Lord called us to Nigeria as a result of ministering to an international student family, Fola and Bola Oni 5 years ago at an S.O.S. campus lunch for international students.

As a result of ministering the Gospel to them, God gave them a heart to bring the Gospel to their homeland, inviting S.O.S. to work alongside them in planting churches in unreached areas near their hometown.

S.O.S is now reaching the poor and needy with the Gospel of Christ, as well as ministering to their physical needs in three areas where God has opened the door:

Makoko, the water village – An extremly large village, 200,000 people that live in deplorable conditions on the shore of a lake.

Ogun State Countryside – Rural villages with no running water, no electricity, and most importantly, no evangelical church or witness.

Orphans and Widows – There are hundreds of widows and orphans who have lost their husbands and fathers in religious conflicts throughout the country.