Latin America:Central-AmericaSM

Alex Lara was an international student studying medicine in the United States, frustrated by his situation and planning on leaving his family. But after we befriended him and shared the gospel with him, he finished his studies and returned to his homeland, asking us to come back with him to share the same truth that transformed him with his friends and family. Now we have planted fellowships in all three countries we are presently serving, and we are committed to planting even more fellowships throughout Central America to the glory of God.  All three countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) have the same mission, vision, and purpose, the only distinction is the current maturity in the mission.


The Lord called us to Nigeria as a result of ministering to an international student family, Fola and Bola Oni 5 years ago at an S.O.S. campus lunch for international students.

As a result of ministering the Gospel to them, God gave them a heart to bring the Gospel to their homeland, inviting S.O.S. to work alongside them in planting churches in unreached areas near their hometown.

S.O.S is now reaching the poor and needy with the Gospel of Christ, as well as ministering to their physical needs in three areas where God has opened the door.