What to Expect


1.  Team Purpose:
  • To present and share the Gospel of Christ
  • Medical Clinics and Attention (including relief work, nutrition and food pantry ministry)
  • Teach English as a Second Language
  • Train, encourage, and work with indigenous pastors and missionaries
  • Minister to Orphans: Supply orphanage with cleaning supplies, clothes, food, toys, etc.; Engage in project: construct a playground, etc.; Special events:  Christmas party, hold party on indigenous holiday, etc.; Come and play with them, hold them, love them!; Actually adopt them!; Have “Adopt an Orphan” Ministry- We need volunteers to spearhead this ministry; Minister the Word to them; bring Christian literature, Bibles, resources for older ones (tapes, films, etc.)
2.  Team Tools:
  • Dramas, puppets, tracts, Christian literature, Bibles
  • School ministry, public village ministry, house to house visitation
  • Building Relationships and sharing the person and work of Christ
  • Equipping and Training
  • Conferences and seminars (for pastors, women, youth)
  • Construction projects
  • Medical with specialty doctors and nurses

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